Our Story at Schoolhouse Ice Cream

Schoolhouse family run super premium ice cream business

Schoolhouse Ice Cream & Yogurt opened in Burlington, Massachusetts in 2003 by a young couple by the names of Rob & Betty. Rob & Betty knew they wanted to go into business for themselves but weren't sure what direction to go into. After heavy thought and advice from Rob’s Mother (who owns an ice cream shop in Harwich Port Cape Cod), they figured everyone loves ice cream, especially in New England, so why not go towards a product everyone can enjoy and afford??

Now the question remainingSchoolhouse family business story Burlington MA was, how can they standout from the competition and which town to open up shop in. By making their own homemade ice cream from 16% butterfat (super premium quality) and using ingredients that are the highest quality available, such as their cocoa powder from Holland and their nuts from California, they knew they had most of the competition beat since 1 out of 8 ice cream shops make their own. 

When it came to choosing Burlington, it was just good timing and familiarity with the area since both Rob & Betty grew up the next town over, in Bedford.Since opening shop in Sept. 2003, Rob & Betty have come to the conclusion that if you offer a superior product at a fair price, have happy help and give back to the community, good things will happen. Come by and try out their Homemade Ice Cream and or Soups and Sandwiches. If you love ice cream and fresh food you’ll love them.

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 Awesome place! Best ice cream ever! The staff is really good and whatever flavor you will always get something good and with a smile"-
Alejandro S.
Burlington, MA
via Yelp.com
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